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Jack Reed

Jack Reed is a Global Visionary, co-founder of The Community Planet Foundation and Author of The Next Evolution- a blueprint for the tranforming of the planet and his studies have taken him far beyond theoretical. For fiteen years he lived in an urban cooperative community, where he was an active leader. He is a consultant for cooperations and non-profit organizations.

Jack Reed is also a speaker and seminar leader whose process is practical and produces outcomes that yield benefit for the greatest good of all. His clients include: The Wilderness Institute, Amgen, the Educare Foundation, the Peace Theological Seminary, The University of Southern California, the Los Angeles Unified School District, Southern California Edison and the National Parks Service.

For more information about Jack and his foundation visit www.communityplanet.org


Henry Adams

Arthur Henry Adams, Green Entrepreneur and Global Micro-Solar Expert.

Sunpower Systems Inc. manufactures Solar Electronics – solar cell phone batteries

Adams took the company from two people in garage to over 25 million in sales with manufacturing in China and USA. These Solar phones are now being manufactured by Sharp Electronics.

With manufacturing in China, Adams is the Founder of Solarra Body Inc., a health and fitness jewelry product line that runs by light tuned to alpha waves which are a main brain wave as well as the frequency of the Earth.

He knows the green market and how to create and sell product s, from ideas to prototypes to mass production with manufacturing in Thailand.

Adams is currently beta testing Biowave, a new solar assisted mechanical device based on wave resonance which increases vegetable and fruit production by 50-80%. This product will transform the 650B agricultural market, as well as ease world hunger, resulting in the second wave of the Green Revolution.

He holds four utility patents and won the Most Innovative Product of the Year, Consumer Electronics show in 2003. Adams had articles and segments in NY Times, CNN, BBC, Newsweek, Forbes and many others.

He graduated from University of California Berkeley with a BA degree.

Victoria Peters

Victoria is a co- founder, financier and creative visionary of Angels Nest/Worlds Nest and is an author. Angels Nest/World is a sustainable, luxurious, dream showplace/home/business venture, that works in harmony with nature.

She co-authored The Secret of Sustainability with David Sereda, Robert Plarr and Michael Fulton. The book is to educate, enlighten, entertain and inspire, all ages, all walks of life; it’s meant to be a fun and easy read.

Victoria is also an actress, model, athlete, photographer and humanitarian. She has lived in and co-created a sustainable home, buildings and business ventures. Victoria is influential, passionate and a visionary when it comes to green solutions. She has graced the world with her presence, vision and voice in film, fashion, music, photography, health and the planet.


Our organization promotes the design and implementation of renewable clean energy resources and sustainable building solutions for all existing and new buildings in America, resulting in energy independence, green job creation, reduction of GHG emissions, preservation of natural resources and an overall improvement in public health.

The building sector in this country consumes an unsustainable amount of energy and natural resources, emits a dangerously high level of green house gas emissions, and is perilously addicted to finite fossil fuels. The future health of our environment, growth of our green economy and ability to break Mankind’s addiction to finite fossil fuels will depend largely on how we deal with the inefficiencies of our built environment. To effectively solve our energy, infrastructure and environmental problems, new and existing buildings must be improved with comprehensive green development solutions.

Renewable clean energy resources, such as geoexchange HVAC, photovoltaics, fuel cells, and wind power, are the backbone of our vision but only address one aspect of a much larger solution. To promote sustainability in all facets of the building sector, LEED certification, building automation, intelligent energy storage, lighting retrofits, fenestration, energy management, and retro-commissioning must also play a role in developing the most energy-efficient sustainable solution possible.

At Greenovation we don’t dwell on the past, we help to create the future! www.greenovation-us.com

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