The ECO EDEN Board Members

Kate Mitchell, CEO/Co-Founder of ECO EDEN LLC, President/ Co-Founder of ECO EDEN EDUCATION

Kate Mitchell is also the founder and owner of AURA SHOP, a resource center for self-awareness & self-empowerment, providing the highest quality transformational products & services. For 12 years, AURA SHOP has been providing international clients with the most cutting edge tools on the planet.

Kate has an extensive background in merchandising, marketing, management and public relations, and is a published author of metaphysical short stories. Kate is an expert on the Science of Chakra and Color. Accumulating over twenty years of energy/color therapy experience, she developed the Premier Training Program and Manual for the Aura Video Station, providing quality instruction for therapeutic energy healing practitioners and retail business owners of the system. 

Kate believes that each soul has the ability and right to reclaim the power to achieve peace, harmony and abundance; that all individuals have these Divine qualities and the innate capacity to ascend to their Highest place. She has dedicated her life to assisting others on their path to enlightenment.  Kate is a devoted student of metaphysics, ever expanding her knowledge so that she can be an example to others while sharing her wisdom. Creating communities that will enable the world to live sustainably, harmoniously and peacefully is a dream and vision coming true for her, and she sees these Spaces of Love as the wave of the future.

Antea Rood, CEO/Co-founder of ECO EDEN EDUCATION 501(c)3 (pending)Co-Founder/President of ECO EDEN LLC

Antea grew up on an organic farm in Vermont, where living sustainably was the way of life. She has always felt a strong connection with all life forms, and knew at a young age that her work would focus on an endeavor to unite humanity in remembering how to live in harmony with nature and one another. Antea dreamed of the creation of a community that would model these values and ideals in every realm of life and growth and in 2009 co-founded ECO EDEN as a platform and community that does such.

Antea is a certified teacher and practitioner in ancient and modern healing modalities from around the world. She has managed several successful businesses, including a holistic spa and organic restaurants. Antea also works as a Doula, assisting and supporting parents as they welcome our blessed children into this life.

Her education has included green building, water quality and conservation, biomimicry, organic and biodynamic farming. Antea’s studies and work have taken her around the world, where she has learned ways of healing and living sustainably from many cultures.

Antea believes that the creation of eco-communities is a solution to many of the political, ethical, social, environmental and financial issues of our time. As we are called to unite in a global movement, we must remember the sacredness of nature and honor every living thing. This way of living in harmony with the Earth and with each other will be exemplified on ECO EDEN.


Nuna Teal Ph.D, Secretary of ECO EDEN LLC and ECO EDEN EDUCATION 5o1(c)3

Nuna was raised on a large, diverse organic farm in Vermont. She has lived and worked in many remote regions of the world, from the high Arctic to Africa and South America, obtaining degrees in anthropology with a minor in dance, which she also pursued as a performer and teacher.

For many years, she has been involved in the development and administration of non-profit organizations and foundations in the visual and performing arts (particularly for children), sustainable agriculture and the environment.

She has an extensive knowledge of organic farming, experience and contacts with environmental scientists and organizations, and project development skills – including writing, public speaking and an ability to communicate easily with people of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds.

Nuna is passionate about social justice, economic opportunity, the arts in education, and environmental health – with a special emphasis on the well-being of other sentient species with whom we share the Earth.

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