Membership in the Eco Eden community means a commitment to a new version of a SocialStructure long lost; one that bases its existence on Harmony, Honor, Respect for one another, our Earth and all Her sentient Beings.

We agree to provide both our emerging infants and our elders with peaceful, supportive and loving passages.

We will consider certain structures and systems to be a community responsibility, includingschools, clinics, cultural and recreational facilities, infrastructure and utilities.

At the core of the concept of ECO EDEN will be a guiding Social Structure based on the integration of ancient and traditional practices with modern innovation and equal civil rights. These values and ideals will be the solid foundation of an evolving sustainable community – a way of living and thriving together in peaceful, productive harmony that will provide a model that can be duplicated globally.

We will make decisions and resolve conflicts based on consensus, welcoming participation from all community residents. The evolution and stewardship of Eco Eden, and its role as a participant and mentor in the global movement toward spiritual and physical health and sustainability, requires that everyone engage in responsible Democracy.

We will agree to listen to each other. Every voice and view is valuable.

We agree to be kind, responsible, accountable and respectful in all matters.

We agree to heart-centered relationships that nurture and inspire everyone to be the best that we can be.

We agree to share responsibility for the care and education of Eco Eden’s children, providing them with a natural and cultural environment conducive to the development of compassionate, well-rounded, healthy, happy and productive citizens of the world. They are our future.

We will create a health care system that is focused on comprehensive prevention while providing a full spectrum of “natural” medicine modalities to complement “western” care available in nearby communities. This will include emphasizing: 1. an organic, vegetable-based diet  2. a habit of life-long physical activity 3. access to creative and meaningful occupation  4. a strong social support system

We choose to live in ways that honor the land, sharing stewardship of a portion that is to be kept in trust in perpetuity as a wild preserve. The indigenous environment will be allowed to regenerate with respect to its water, soils, unique natural features, and the biological diversity of its flora and fauna.

We will share stewardship of land to be designated for the purpose of organic, sustainable agriculture – to provide food for the community and export, and to provide ingredients for the production of medicines and plant-based products.

We will practice restorative grazing, managing animals carefully to replicate the habits of once-native wild herds – for the health of the soil and watershed. Animals will be used for their wool, milk and eggs, and company.

We will plan for recreational uses of the land that will enhance the appreciation and protection of both wild and agricultural uses while encouraging healthy and creative opportunities to enjoy the property.

We will design and develop all buildings and structures to be in aesthetic harmony with the natural landscape and reflect the reality of its climatic conditions and natural resources, using the methods and green materials required for LEEDS certification.

We will design Eco Eden’s residential, cultural and commercial areas to maximize ease of walking and biking. Residents and guests will be prohibited from using vehicles powered by fossil fuels within the community perimeter.

We agree constantly to seek and be open to old, new and innovative ways of protecting and sharing our Earth as physical and spiritual beings among other sentient beings.

We agree to share our discoveries, our pitfalls and our progress, with all who wish to learn from us.


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