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Activities Local recreation is vast because of the variety of terrains. The region has sandy beaches, the Los Padres Forest, Channel Islands National Park, San Ynez Mountains, Santa Barbara Mountain range and Lake Cachuma.
ECO EDEN classes to educate families in organic agriculture.
ECO EDEN water education on quality, restoration and conservation.
ECO EDEN tours include a look at the entire community and its facilities.
Local activities include- Mountain biking, hiking, walking trails, hot air, glider rides, fishing, golf, local wine tours, horseback riding, visiting local art galleries, dirt biking, four- wheeling, ballooning, bird watching, boating, sailing, whale watching and exploring historic Solvang and Los Olivos.
Agriculture Each family will be encouraged to grow their own fruit trees, vegetables and herbs. All seeds will be organic and from non-GMO plants and seeds from each harvest will be used subsequently for growing. There will also be an organic vineyard, since the area is perfect to produce wines. We will recommend bee hives on the properties to maximize pollenization of fruit trees, vegetables and flowers, and for gathering and selling of super food bee products “ another great idea for entrepreneurs. We will create community gardens around the edges of the community to purify the air within the community and maximize oxygen. Renowned experts will conduct research in biodynamic farming, permaculture and organic agriculture. International Colleges and Universities will be invited to send students and professors to study and participate in the community. We believe in hands on education for individuals, families and groups. Each resident and guest will be invited to bring home their own ECO EDEN Garden Kit to continue organic farming in their own environment. All landscaping will be done with plants native to the land and conducive to water resources. ECO EDEN will be WWOOF certified for travelers and students wanting to study agriculture, permaculture, bio-dynamic farming, etc.
Airports Santa Barbara airport is a 30- 40 minute drive and LAX is between 2 and 1/2 hours from the community. There are many daily flights into Santa Barbara airport from every major US city. San Ynez also has a small airport for those who have their own planes or wish to charter jets.
Amphitheatre There will be an outdoor amphitheatre for concerts, theatre, dancing, seminars, debates, screenings, etc. in the center of the community.
Animals All animals will be considered pets and will be given as much love and nourishment as humanly possible. They will be fed nothing but fresh organic food and always free range. We will use the byproducts from the animals but they will never be harmed or stressed in any way. The well being of animals is essential for their energy is transmitted through the food derived from them.
Apartments There will be a green apartment complex of 50 plus apartments with affordable studio/lofts, one and two bedrooms. Each tenant will have access to their own plot of land near the building for growing herbs, vegetables and fruit.
Architects & Construction We employ companies with skilled, certified and licensed personnel to provide a powerful team of professionals who are as committed to the environment as they are to excellence in design and construction. ECO EDEN will be fully accessible and in compliance with government criteria for possible funding. Everything will be LEED certified.
Art Gallery A contemporary transformational art gallery will be located near the retreat featuring inspirational arts, crafts and sculptures by renowned and local artists.
Birthing Center In addition to the wellness center will have a birthing center using modern and ancient birthing techniques and guidance. We will offer an integration of both eastern and western methods of birthing and offer counseling on nutrition, breathing, yoga, pilates, belly dance, herbal medicine and sacred union. We will provide various packages for pregnant couples which incorporate use of the retreat and birthing facilities.
Businesses Each property owner within the eco community can become an entrepreneur. There will be a great demand for produce grown on the community and products made there “ an opportunity for herbal medicine, farmacology, superfoods products, spa products, arts and crafts, clothing, paper and many other products. We will also sell wholesale to appropriate stores locally and internationally in addition to a chain of ECO EDEN stores and spas.
Campgrounds Grounds with full service including teepees and yurts will adorn the outskirts of ECO EDEN and provide opportunities for campers to enjoy the eco community experience. They will have full access to the retreat/spa facilities including stores, restaurants, trails, etc.
Chapel/Temple A non-denominational chapel/temple will be built for meditation, services, weddings, baby blessings and spiritual gatherings.
Child Care We provide child care for working parents so children can explore and enhance their creativity, socially skills and imagination in unity. Emphasis will be in the arts, creativity and physical activity.
Clothing – Natural Organic We will design and manufacture a sustainable clothing line from hemp and bamboo. The cutting edge futuristic designs and fabric will be very forward and fashionable, yet beautifully practical. It will be manufactured on the community and will be available in stores worldwide. Any materials that cannot be produced on the community will be organic and fair trade.
Energy All energy will be produced from Solar, wind, bio-fuels, and Hydrogen fuel cells from recycled sewage water. Selling excess wind and solar power generated on the community to neighboring cities is becoming a major trend and is a way to maximize investments in sustainable living for individuals and for the community as a whole.
Guest Housing Tree houses will be provided for guests and will be designed to flow organically with the landscape to adorn the property throughout.
Homes All homes and buildings built on the community will be sustainable. We will provide the experts in all fields for individuals to select and design your home or you can bring in your own sustainable experts (as long as designs are green). We will use integrated sustainable systems such as:
Air to Water Drinking System
Government Approved Advance Waste Water
State of Art Building Panels
Fire, Water, Wind resistance
Tesla Sustainable Energy Systems
Redundant Sustainable Energy Systems
Wind “ Solar “ Bio Fuels “ Hydrogen Fuel Cell
Natural Roads
Natural Retention Ponds
Natural Retaining Walls
Double & Triple Green Houses:
Reduces Heating & Cooling by 80%
Manufactures Air to Water from Interior Atmosphere
Stores Collected Rain Water from Roof
Produces Oxygen, Medicine & Food Crops
Harvested Water 6 Times for Effluent Zero Waste
All œfences around the properties will be living, that is, they will be of trees and shrubs to enclose personal acreages.
There will be Feng Shui experts available for consultation to maximize the energy and living experience of the community overall and for individual properties.
Hostel There will also be a Hostel with a maximum of 50 guests with a minimal fee each night and opportunities for work/trade within the community.
Job Opportunities ECO EDEN will provide several hundred jobs for residents of the community and neighboring cities. We will also provide work for impoverished communities around the world, as not all products and materials will be able to be made on the community.
Kids Camp Kids Camp is a fully inclusive camp designed to unify parents and children in nature. We will provide ultimate outdoor adventures, classes in the arts and environmental education. The camp will be outfitted with teepees, yurts, tree houses and state of the art facilities to accommodate families.
Landscape All vegetation that is not agricultural will be native to the land to ensure minimal recourses are used in growth and care. We will have a green belt around the property to purify the air and maintain high levels of oxygen.
Laws A board of the founders will organize and develop by-laws by voting in order to oversee community issues and ensure standards of living are at their highest. In ECO EDEN all new laws and regulations are voted on by the entire community as we all will have equal rights and jurisdiction.
Layout There will be options for 3, 6 and 9 acre parcels with space for approximately 50 families. We will also have an apartment complex with 50 plus with studios, one and two bedroom apartments (pending on zoning laws). There will be additional acreage for the central community area, which will include a school, a gymnasium, theater, playground, temple, community garden, meditation rounds, and meeting center. The Retreat/Spa will be located at the edge of the community and will include gardens, restaurants, shops, art gallery, elixir bars with local entertainment, etc. Surrounding the property will be a green belt of native plants to ensure clean air and high oxygen levels. We will have bike and walking trails throughout the community so that the entire property is easily accessible and tours can be given.
Location The community will be in the San Ynez region 2.5 hours from LAX and 30 to 40 minutes from Santa Barbara airport (exact location being negotiated).
Media The project will have an online presence via website, Facebook, Twitter, Blog, live video streaming, etc. and will be linked to VISIONARY TELEVISION (VT) a cable TV network devoted entirely to sustainable living. Please see separate proposal. The project will be documented and filmed from its visionary inception to its highly anticipated completion for later film and book release of the Making of ECO EDEN. Satellite Radio will also be utilized in conjunction with the TV network. We will have an in-house public relations staff to handle all publicity and events.
Property The community is nestled in the rolling hills of the San Ynez Valley wine country. The property is 3,090 acres and includes a pond, large open pastures, rolling hills, gardens, panoramic views of San Ynez mountain range and ocean.
Restaurants Restaurants in the retreat and free standing on the property will be required to create predominately healthy organic vegetarian/vegan and raw living food. Chefs will prepare foods using produce grown on site.
Retreat On the edge of the community, which is closest to highways/freeways into the neighboring cities, there will be a Retreat/Hotel with 175 to 225 rooms/suites. These units may be sold off to permanent residences and others will be assigned to visitors. We will have a large Ball Room for seminars and workshops relating to the environment, agriculture, sciences, mathematics, social studies, alternative healing, nutrition, metaphysical/spiritual concepts and ideas. Surrounding this room is a hall for booths to sell related products during the seminars. Maximum capacity is 2000 with the option to divide the room for smaller gatherings. The Retreat houses a state of the art Spa/Healing Center, shops, restaurants, art gallery, amphitheater, elixir bars, meditations grounds, agricultural and gardens.
School ECO EDEN School will include a gymnasium, theatre, playground, workshop, students’ garden for agricultural education & meditation grounds. The school is for residents of ECO EDEN and for boarding students. The cutting edge curriculum will include music, performing arts, creative arts in its many forms, athletics, languages, agricultural studies, the humanities and all relevant studies for certification. Students will be encouraged to write their own curriculum, as this will ensure the expansion of personal interests and individual gifts and talents. As a new creative curriculum and œtraditional education is merged, education will evolve into an exciting, stimulating format where children will be encouraged to grow towards unlimited possibilities. Elders and storytellers will be prominent teachers, as so it has been in most cultures for thousands of years. A sustainable dormitory will house 50 boarding students with possibilities for future expansion. We will also create a foreign exchange program so children of Eden can participate in community service and like minded communities around the world. We believe that being immersed in the world’s rich cultures is the best way to be exposed to history, social studies, language and to experience a complete sense of oneness.
Spa and Healing Center EDEN is a five-star standard spa/healing center specializing in detoxification and well-being. Our organic product line is made on ECO EDEN and materials that cannot be grown on ECO EDEN are organic and fair trade. The space will include a yoga/workout room, pool, saunas, jacuzzis, hydro tubs, oxygen chambers, beauty salon and space to house the following healing techniques –
Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, chakra balancing, energy work in its many forms, dna activation, theta healing, color therapy, ozone therapy, hydro therapy, crystal therapy, essential oil therapy, nutrition, Chinese medicine, cranial sacral work, relaxation massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage, sports massage, regenerative massage, acupressure, acupuncture, shiatsu, oxygenated mineral baths, bio-oxidive therapies, watsu, cell reprogramming, psychic healing, sacred union, holistic dental care, child birth, animal care and a sweat lodge. There will be a sister spa in Los Angeles providing identical amenities.
Stores The AURA SHOP will provide metaphysical products of all kinds from crystals, gemstone jewelry, books, CD’s and DVD’s, goddess wear, supplements, essential oils, etc. The store will sell our international clothing line as well as other products and produce from Eco Eden. This store will progressively become an international chain.
Time Share Each property owner will also have the opportunity to become a member of the ECO EDEN œTime Travel (time share) program which will enable them to œlease their home/property and to travel to future eco communities around the world “ œEco Adventure.
Transportation We will have sustainable shuttles at LAX and Santa Barbara airports to transport visitors to and from the community. Sustainable roadways built of recycled asphalt will be built to link the properties, the central community area and the retreat. To ensure a peaceful pollution free environment, travel within the community will be by eco golf carts.
Vision ECO EDEN is the first of many communities world wide. Other locations being considered are Ecuador, Panama, Canada, Costa Rico, New Zealand and Europe. The seminar forum in the Retreat at ECO EDEN will be a place to market subsequent locations to international travelers. Eco communities are truly the wave of the immediate and distant future. Now is the time to invest in a global concept that is already destined to become a natural way of life, transforming our planet into the paradise it once was and is meant to be again “ one eco community at a time. This is the revolution we have been waiting for.
Water All water will undergo reverse osmosis, ozone treatment, oxygenated and mineral enhancement to ensure vitality and perfect health. All irrigation will be recycled sewage water through a state of the art filtration system. Emphasis will be put on the importance of œlive water and classes will be offered on water quality and conservation. Water restoration and cleansing will also be projects developed “ ECO EDEN Water Kit.
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