Business Opportunities

 flower-gm-spiralECO EDEN is dedicated to the movement to support local and sustainable businesses, taking back the power we are giving to the multi-national corporations responsible for many of the serious issues we face today. We are co-creating forums and infrastructure that will assists businesses in thriving and creating new jobs and investing in the growing need for organic, locally grown and manufactured: food, seeds, herbal medicines, super foods, elixirs, aromatherapy, skin and hair products, beauty lines, cleaning supplies, materials for sustainable clothing, paper, building, and many other products. We will also create jobs in green: architecture, landscaping, alternative energy production and maintenence, building, contracting, transportation, farming, permaculture, manufacturering, new inventions, alchemy, science, caretaking, healing, education, visual and performaing arts, writers, tv and film, publishing (online and printed media), restaurants, resorts, schools, banking systems, community centers, galleries, stores, wellness centers and all the occupations that comprise these sustainable multi-faceted communities.  

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