“We are the ones we have been waiting for” – Hopi

Our mission is to create sustainable communities in rural and urban areas, recognizing the perfection in nature and embracing the highest potential of all life. ECO EDEN is committed to creating a platform for ongoing outreach programs that connect and support aligned proactive endeavors worldwide, ensuring that current issues are recognized and solutions are developed and implemented through the creation of physical and spiritual systems that stimulate universal peace, perfect health and freedom on all levels.

Supported by the use of ancient and innovative technologies, including biomimicry, all social practices and structures will promote an ethical and creative way of living in harmony with nature.

In 2009 ECO EDEN began creating a platform to provide space, facilities and endowments for local, international and interdisciplinary collaboration in the design and development of innovations that indicate promise for the evolution of just and sustainable living. These will include, but are not limited to: attaining independence from fossil fuels through clean technologies and biomimicry; the creation of resilient food systems; universal healthcare with emphasis on “alternative”medicine; creating alternative banking systems that invest in the interests of the community; the preservation of healthy habitat for the world’s flora and fauna, on which our own physical and spiritual well-being also depends; and addressing ongoing concerns with regard to the universal equality of human rights, including the basic right to clean soil, water and air.

In the ECO EDEN community, the underlying concept is to provide for sustainable living at all stages and in all aspects of life, from “cradle to cradle:” green homes and tree houses; natural birth, wellness and spa centers; organic agriculture providing food and medicinal herbs; schools providing innovative education; elder care centers that encourage inclusion in all facets of community activity; centers for the visual and performing arts; an extensive sports complex; a media center and on-site TV station; non-denominational space for the communal expression of faith and spirit; a community center for ongoing seminars, music and events; green hotel and hostel; art studios and galleries; organic restaurants; shops; research facilities and labs for metaphysics, quantum physics, green technologies, and the development of technologies that support our evolution into a conscious way of living in harmony with the universe and all of its energies.

We will nurture our land and its people by creating healthy environments that embrace the need to reclaim basic human rights and we are united by the recognition that todays issues are affecting us all. The next generation will grow and thrive through an intimate connection to the natural world, encouraged in creative discovery and independent thought with a global perspective. Free and playful expression through movement and the arts will be woven throughout their daily lives, as essential to balanced development as breathing. Children such as these, as well as those who guide them and set the example, are destined to become the enlightened citizens and bold, innovative and just leaders of a new world.

The best way to invoke change is to change within ourselves. Through this transformation at the individual level, we may join together in reclaiming our highest power as a society, aligning with the vital global transition into a conscious way of living. Now is the time to vision, create and manifest sustainable environments that reflect the best of humanity. Living in peaceful health, harmony and equality – while engaged in the positive, profitable productivity that will serve these ideals – we are free to express our artistic and playful natures. As a people, we must share responsibility for restoring our Earth, and developing a human culture that will not only weather the transition, but thrive.

” It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community, a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. And the practice can be carried out as a group, as a city, as a nation. For a future to be possible, our enlightenment must be collective.”- Thich Nhat Hanh

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